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    odd questions

    well i found my jet pump assy. just waiting on the mail guy now and had a few odd questions
    first. on my 94 sl 750 do i really need the long vent on my seat or can i remove it, its just been really aggervating trying to tune and check with that.

    second. my ski does not have the carb choke butterflys or the choke cable, im in fl. should i just use a primer ball or in this warm weather and good valcum will it start just fine with out all that.

    and when i go to install my new pump assy. do i need an alingment tool. .. mine has the exstened wear ring and did not remove the hull ring. and no damage to drive shaft....

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    Not quite sure why the seat snorkel is causing you issues????

    But that's there in case of a roll over. As long as the seat seal is still good, the snorkel would be above the water line, so water shouldn't enter the hull. If the snorkel is gone, and you roll the ski over, it will fill up.

    I'd install the primer kit. Only costs around $35 for the Mikuni triple kit.

    As long as the wear ring attached to the hull hasn't been removed, your alignment should be fine.

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    yeah that snorkel can be a pain trying to take the seat off i feel your pain on that one.... i don't see why you couldn't take it off but i'd rivet it back on after i was done tuning it is there for a reason

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