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    Oil in stator cover

    Hello and thank you in advance for any info you may provide.
    I have worked on mostly standup 440-750 Kawasaki jet skis and am not to familiar with Polaris. My friend bought a very nice looking 2002 Virage I (75hrs) with a bad starter/bendix. When I went to pull the main Stator cover about a 1/3 of a quart of mix oil poured into the haul. Now I have experienced this with 4 strokes but not with 2. Is this common or do I have an issue with the mix oil pump or possibly a failed front main seal. The ski has been sitting for 2 seasons prior to him purchasing this year and I have not heard it run. Also would be interested in hearing any good places to purchase parts for this ski. Any additional needed knowledge would be great. Thanks

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    Its possible the oil pump leaked, but I think its more likely the front crank shaft seal is bad

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    ebl in stuart florida

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