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    2009 fx sho massive oil leak in hull

    i have a fx sho 1800 with 120 hours. last serviced last year.

    noticed oil being pumped out of hull and motor alarmed and thus we shut off. Cant find any loose hoses or cracked oil filter. added some oil and ran engine and all is ok, but did not run long enough to find oil leak. called dealer and he said might be oil line going to jet drive and saw another post noting that it could be oil stick tube connection to engine.

    any other ideas... may take into dealer, but I just dont trust them.

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    Where are you located? There are a lot of truly reputable guys with PWC shops all across the country here on the forum.

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    Well, I would let the dealer know that there is no oil line running to the jet pump.

    First thing I would probably do is run my hand along the bottom sides of the motor so I could get an idea where to start looking. Water will dry up but there should be some oil residue somewhere. Front? Back, left or right side?

    My suspicions in no certain order would be:
    Oil filter? (exhaust side)
    Oil cooler? (exhaust side)
    Supercharder engine mating surface? (not likely)
    Oil fill tube (intake side)
    Generator cover (rear)
    Valve cover gasket (not likely)
    Timing chain tensioner hard oil line (intake side, not likely)
    Oil pan (so, so not likely)
    Oil pump (front)

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