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    96 Seadoo Xp 800 Need help with Battery Drain ASAP

    Very new to PWC's and trying to get mine ready for a vacation this weekend.

    I have put my 96 xp 800 in the water a few times and before long the battery is dead. Me and my local mechanic replaced the battery with a brand new battery. When doing so we realized when you touch the battery cables to the battery terminals the shaft is trying to spin at all times. Once we unhooked the Voltage rectifer and did the same the shaft did not try to spin. I replaced this part with a brand new one and the motor is still trying to turn the shaft. Is there any other possible ideas to check, Stator maybe? THanks in advanced.

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    What shaft are talking about? And it does this as soon as the battery is connected, even without the lanyard attached?

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    The main "drive shaft" not sure what its called. This makes a noise and you can see it try to slightly turn as soon as the terminals are touched with the lanyard attached.

    Thank you for the fast reply.

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    The starter is the only thing that make it turn over. That is strange. Sound like the starter is sticking on or a solenoid. Must be peseta. Sorry I couldn't help.

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    strange, sounds like the solenoid is stuck open. replace that as that is the cheapest to replace. after that I would be looking at the mpem.

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