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    I recently took out my 2005 15f for the first time and had some problems.First it was hard to start then once started ran well until the heat light came on.Then the gas light came on but once I turned the ski off the problems went away for about 15 minutes.Dont know what to do.Help please.

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    Hard starting when cold might be due to long storage period.

    Heat light means you have some kind of restriction in the cooling system. But it also could mean oil temp too high.

    Gas light means your fuel level being low or the fuel level sensor floats are getting hung up.

    You possibly have had 3 different issues all unrelated.

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    Check the bypass port on the side of the machine while running in the water. It should flow out the right forward side of the hull area. If it is not pissing water then the engine is not receiving proper cooling water so don't run the machine until the issue is fixed. The fuel low light might be a sticking sensor float switch inside the fuel tank which could free itself during a ride.


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    It was flowing well I think it may be an ecu problem just put a new one on we will see thanks

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