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    T Clamps for Supercharger outlet and TB input

    Hi, my worm gear band clamps keep blowing off with my Xcharger. What size T-Clamps do I need and where should I get them?


    2004 RXP

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    Sometimes it not the clamps but the hose. I could not get mine to stay on my PX, even with t-bolts. Put a new hose and it aint come loose since, even with worm gear clamps.

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    Make sure you install the clamps in the groove on the charger and not on top of it. Otherwise the clamps can slip right off. the bump and machined spot on the outlet is for the clamp to sit down into. If that makes sense.

    Ive never had a issue with good quality worm clamps. And I know many that even with tbolts can keep a hose on.

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    I've had excellent luck with their clamps, couplers, reducers, and pipes.

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