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    650 Kawasaki TS Engine Backfire

    Need help, ran good last season but now it backfires. Had the carburator rebuilt but stills backfire. Need help please.

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    Could be a broken reed valve, could be the ignition is out of time, could be rings not sealing. I just rebuilt one that had NO compression and it backfired when I tried to start it. Apparently the combustion gases were leaking past the rings and igniting the charge in the crankcase. Did a top overhaul and it runs OK now.

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    hey richie this is jimmy your neighbor. i got a compression gauge. we can check that. and we can check the reed valves. i wasnt sure if that thing had reed valves.

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    pull the mag cover off, and pull the flywheel.

    i am betting, your flwheel moved, and sheared the key

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