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    gp 1200 non PV power options

    hey guys im building a superjet with a non pv 1200cc yami and want to know some good bang for my buck.

    i cant use a pipe so what can i do?

    mill the stock head?
    aftermarket head?

    i want to pump up the comp to 160-180 will this motor handle it in a stand up?

    CDI ? who makes them?

    air filters jets?


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    I think Riva is the only one to make a CDI for that engine in a GP1200. Yes you can mill the stock head to get about 150 psi. If you wanna go higher, you may need a aftermarket head...and there's plenty of choices out there. But for pump gas, 150psi is the most common pressure to shoot for.
    For exhaust, there's not much differences between the years but the best OEM one is the 99 GP1200. Other than that, you could extrude hone the exh manifold and ring pipe for some gains.

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