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    Yamaha Extended Warranty for VXR worth it?

    Is there a chart to see differences and length of warranty. Need research before i choose one tomorrow. Want to make sure the warranty covers and not a fluke. I am a Cat/waukeshia mechanic so i am sure i can fix a few items.

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    you don't have to get it at the same time as you buy your ski. As long as you add it before the mnfg warranty expires, you'll be fine (so you have 12 months to decide). That's what I"m doing: if the ski doesn't give me any issues, then I may not get it, or just get an extra 12 or 24 months...

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    I just get my in July '11

    Y.E.S. program is not available after original factory warranty hes expired.

    my dealer offer me this;

    purchase by Aug 28 '11 ............ By 7 '11

    $384 1 yr coverage............ $640
    $450 2 yr ...................... $750
    $504 3 yrs........................ $840
    $552 4 yrs ...................... $920

    still, I need to get details whats cover by YES, looks to me, like laber /parts are included
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    I'd have to vote no on the YES for a VXR/S. There's just not much that can go wrong w/ the NA motor, if you leave it mostly stock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelly_A View Post
    I'd have to vote no on the YES for a VXR/S. There's just not much that can go wrong w/ the NA motor, if you leave it mostly stock.
    From a practical standpoint I agree with you. From a technical standpoint I do not. And yes, I plan to leave mine BONE stock (except for a diff intake grate). I just had to have my oil cooler replaced on my VXS. Its a $750 part plus the labor to have it put in.

    Its true that a NA YAM engine is going to be about as reliable an engine as you can get on these things. But there are "other" parts than just "the engine" that the YES will cover. I think its an unnecessary risk to not get the YES.

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    Buy It! It covers the Hull, Pump, Electronics too.... Plus if for some weird reason you have a an engine issue be it Head, Valve Train or god forbid bottom end... You will be $1000's ahead of the game

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    + 1 on the Y.E.S. warranty, I bought 4 extra years on top of the factory warranty. I agree a NA Yamaha engine is tough as nails which is why I bought a VXR. If you only keep your ski 3 or 4 years it will help resale. Still having factory warranty to offer the next owner.

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    Yamaha usually offers manufacturer specials on extended warranties in the spring. I bought my GPR in the month of May & only had to pay $300 for a 4-year ext. I bought my SHO in the summer & had to cough up almost a g-note for that one. Also, I've heard you can get a prorated refund if you want to cash it in before expiration, so for someone who doesn't keep the same ski too long, you can get cash back instead of using it as a selling point. Might be a good thing to do if you plan to use the ski as a trade-in at a dealer where you most likely wouldn't get a dollar for dollar value on the warranty added to trade-in value.

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