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    Newbie needs help cleaning "chalky" hull

    Hey fellas, i just bought a 03 seadoo xp di a few days ago.. The top of the hull is clean just the bottom everything under that thick black plastic piece where the hull sits in the water. Everything under the plastic piece that goes around the whole hull, i need help cleaning. My hull is red the top shines just the bottom the red looks like it covered by something white looking. I tried my brothers hull cleaner, it worked for few mins the red came back then the cloudiness/ chalkiness comes back. What would you guys recommend i do, to give it the same color and shine that the top of my hull has. thanks!

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    My black hull had the chalky look also...I used some Meguires marine oxidation remover wax with a 6" buffer and a microfiber pad...I did a few coats of that and then Meguires marine wax to shine it up...worked pretty good but it will come back after a few salt water rides and washing so you have to kinda keep up on it...

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