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    Does towing towables and/or water-skiers beat on machines

    I have a 2007 yamaha FXHO and bought it for this purpose for my kids just curious. Is there a proper way to do it.

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    Towing a tube provides very little resistance. It wont hurt your machine. I would disable the water spout. It will get in their eyes. Make sure you dont suck up the rope. There are a few other laws that apply, like needing a spotter which may or may not apply to you depending on where yu live.

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    Another caveat, which may also vary by location: If you're state requires a spotter and you have a three person ski, you can't exceed the seat limit for your ski including anyone being towed. So a three person ski can only tow one person, if a spotter is required. I usually go to a local city reservoir with very rigorous ($280 ticket) enforcement of regulations. I wish I hadn't wasted the money on a three-person towable, since I can only legally tow one person.

    Mirrors may substitute for a spotter in some states - something to consider if you plan on removing the mirrors and going w/ block-offs.

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    Thanks for the info. I will check the laws in new hampshire to see.

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    you will however burn twice the and the engine is working harder, but its all good

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