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    oil questions- and input on what to do

    ive done some research on the website but i figure someone on here may have the help i need. my main question is i own a 2007 rxp 215 and i was wondering i know when the engine is warm the oil should be at the middle of the two bends but what is the low bend at like a half a quart low or is it lower then that? i am asking because i originally had the oil changed by a sea doo tech and it started to blow oil out the dipstick so i figured that there was too much oil in. I drained some oil out and that problem went away. I road again this past weekend and i noticed some oil at the bottom of the hull again but this time it did not come out of the dipstick and it is possible that it was just leftover oil from not cleaning it out enough but when i checked the dipstick warm the level was at the lower bend. I took it to a seadoo shop today and he added a full quart to it and checked again the level was looking to be a little low again. i checked again another hour later and it was at the top bend cold or midly warm. ended up taking it out on the water for an hour and of course the oil comes out of the dipstick. i have cleaned the jetski really good so tommoro im gunna check for leaks but im asking how much the low level on the dipstick is because im assuming he just added to much oil again. and does it make sence that the dipstick would be at the low bend like that after riding, and then adding a quart would push it over the high bend? sorry about the long story i just want to make sure i get this right and want to make sure i can find a leak if there is one.

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    i found that taking from the high end of the bend to the middle was 200 mls.

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    wow thats really not that much at all, i am going to try to give it a good clean to see if i am leaking at all. so i probably did not leak to much oil then but i still gotta find out why and where i am lossing it in the first place! thanks for the help!

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