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    Help make sure im not getting run through the mill by a shop.

    So i take my ski into a shop because it has no low end power assuming the housing and impeller are bad since I can see they are all dinged up through the intake grate. Well the mechanic takes it apart and it turns out that someone before I bought it put in a Solas impeller but rigged it up by using RTV as a sealant and to replace some bolts.

    He than shows me the drive shaft which he says needs to be replaced because it has polished rings on it from it rubbing the bearings. Is this true?

    Also he showed me the exhaust temp sensor was cut and taped which scares me. Is there a reason a person would do this to the sensor?

    Thanks for the help. I'm new to skis.

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    what kind of ski do you have if its a 1200R Probably the reason the sensor is taped is that someone put a D plate and chip in it which is GOOD, If the prop is just dinged up and not bent he may just be able to clean it up assuming the wear ring is good. the shaft being shiny isn't a big deal as long as it doesn't have grooves in it.

    Hope this helps

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