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    Battery Terminals?

    Hello, I have a 95 Wave Blaster with a bad starter. I'm ordering a new starter and want to replace the origanal battery cables because they're all green and the lugs are huge auto lugs, so I have to use a washer to hold it to the battery. I have access to wire, that I beleive is 4 gauge. It might be 6, I'll have to double check. But where do I get the battery terminals from. All the ones at the auto stores have to big of holes for larger bolts. I really don't see a need to order new cables from Yamaha for $130 if I'm capable of making my own

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    Look at Overton's or watercraft superstore. I found the smaller ends for making your own. But I cant remember where I got them. I think a lawn mower shop. Make sure to Heat shrink wrap the end to make it water tight so they stay nicer longer I went to allot of auto parts store before I found them. good luck.

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    Lowes has a lot of that stuff try the lawnmower section they have premade cables long ones if you need them and they have the ends in the hardware and electrical sections.

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