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    Powershot, damage wires, corrision...issues

    Was digging around to try and get my stupid innovate system and xd-16 working again and found 3 rubbed through wires one my powershot unit. OF course, they are damage about 1 1/2 inches from the powershot itself. They had been rubbing for a while (mad at myself for piss poor placement, should know better.) and are quite corroded. Cut the worst one open because it had already broke a vast number of strands and attempted to solder the joint to no avail. Seems the corrosion isnt allowing the solder to stick, tried cleaning with contact cleaner, solder paste and still cant get things to stick. Dont want to use butt connectors for fear of create excess voltage drop in the 2 effected injector circuits and cause lean situations. Any tips for getting the solder to stick? Gonna call RD in the morning and see the harness can be replaced (or go to the actual manufacturer). guess i found the gremlins causing the odd random missfires ive been having.

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    prob just gonna have to cut back the wire untill you get to good copper and then solder in a piece of wire as close to the same size as you can get, make sure you pick up some heat shrink tubing, the kind with the glue in it works well for stuff that can get wet. make sure you put the heat shrink on the wire before you solder in the new piece, slide the heat shrink away from the solder joint as far as possible while soldering it so the heat dont shrink it.

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    White wire is the worst and i have already cut it. I can only cut back about an inch before im at the powershot tuner. Ill try trimming the other end back to see how far i have to go before i get crazy on the short end. If this was midstream, wouldnt be an issue.
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    You can clean the wires with any sort of abrasive. e.g. sandpaper, steel brush, scotch bright pads, etc. Those will clean up the wires and then you will be able to get flux and solder to stick to it.

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    You probably just need to get to good copper, clean the wire more or more heat in the wire.

    Worst case the unit can be opened and the wires sorted. I wouldn't expect a warranty after that though.

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