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    Running problems-is this the culprit?

    The other day i posted about deciding to remove carbs due to some running problems and serious fouling of one plug.

    managed to remove carbs tonight-eventually-man that is a tricky and frustrating thing to do!

    when i removed them, i found the gasket (on the side that keeps fouling plug) in this condition-see pic

    i have now stripped and cleaned carbs out-going to order new gakets in the morning.
    would it be the gasket that has caused my bogging down when accelerating and cloggiing/fouling of plugs?

    i also took out the rave valve (from the damged gasket. fouled plug side) and it was clogged up-so i have now stripped and cleaned that too-will do other one tomorrow.

    is it advisable to spray carb cleaner into where the rave valve goes back?

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    im supprised that you were fouling plugs. you should have been in a lean runaway condition. carb cleaner will be fine in the raves. just dont over do it. you can scrape out most of it but the rest will blow out the exhaust eventually

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    mmm-good point

    strange-but i did strip the rave valves down and clean them and the plug fouling side was caked in goop!

    also whilst talking about the rave valves-the left rave (if looking from carbs side) once cleaned and put back together again doesnt seem to move as freely as the other-i didnt do anything different-could it be just the little internal spring or could it be the shaft of the valve itself?

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    does it stick like metal to metal contact from the valve blade to the cylinder wall or is it the piston movement of the rave?

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    not in cylinder wall-just piston movement of the valve itself

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    Hate to put sand in the Vaseline but the fowling is probably aluminum from the melted piston on that cylinder. Take a BRIGHT flashlight and look down the slot for the rave valve the cylinder wall on the opposite side should be shiny and smooth. A lean condition will do this.

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