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    96 polaris slt stator question

    have 2 1996 slt 700s have a no spark problem on 1 of them did all the checks in the book the stator shows an open exciter winding black to purple should be 1200 ohms in the book bought another stator from a guy in carolina checked it with the meter shows the same problem is the book right or wrong? dont want to put it in to find out. any ideas out there? thanks

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    Make sure your meter is in the right range. I had to play around with mine to get it to read correctly.

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    no we have been using test equip. for 40 years i have 2 stators here the 1 i took out and a new used 1 both are checking the same just trying to find someone that knows what the resistance values on the coils should be i dont trust the service manual never have! (worked on electronic equip. for 40 years) been there done that!

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    Yes, The Polaris manual is accurate. For the "old style" stator, you should have 1200 ohms.
    An updated stator will be aroung 5.5ohms.

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    thank u casey67 that is what im looking for i also have what seems to be an updated stator with that resistance value on that coil that was going to be my next question i was going to ask what the values were on the newer updated coils that info would help me out quite a bit. if this one checks out ok im in bussiness. thanks!

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    My signature links include the red domestic engine stator test info.

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