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    performance air filter in stock air box

    Is putting a performance airfilter in the stock box worth anything? It does not seem logical to me to have a filter right off the t-body sucking in hot air from around the engine...

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    Your guess is right. I installed a K&N type airfilter right at the TB on my 15F and didn't gain anything performance wise. I think I might have lost a couple mph according to my gps. Kinda looks cool under the hood. Oh, I gained some space by removing the airbox.

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    I had the same thoughts on my 5.0 mustang. A lot of folks were going with aftermarket cone filters, mounted in the engine bay. This never made sense to me as the factroy airbox pulled cooler air from inside the fender... I found better HP by moding the factory setup and adding a K&N filter.

    Does the factory air box on the 15f pull from the hull or does one of the tubes go to the airbox. Just got the ski a week ago and have not studied the setup yet (ski is at lake)...

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