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    Turbo locked up.....argh!!!!!

    I have an 03 r12x and took it out yesterday for the first time this year, ski wouldn't go over 3500 rpm and was making no boost. Checked all of my hose connections and made sure that my map sensor was hooked up. Wastegate solonoid can be moved by screwdriver. Pulled my suction tube off the front of the turbo, and yep its locked rust is visable and the whole ski is very clean and has only seen fresh water but turbo will not spin by finger or with ski cranked over. I saw a post on here where a guy had similar problems and was instructed to try and tighten the nut on the front of the turbo in an attempt to break it loose. I can't for the world figure out what size nut it is. I assume metric but 10,11,12 wouldnt sit on there right. Does anyone know what size the bolt is on the front of the turbo???????

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    It's small, I know that. An 7 or 8 perhaps. Also if you can't find the right bit, grab a small screwdriver that the handle is plastic or wood and put the handle against a blade at an angle, then gently tap the screwdriver end with a tool. Basically a hammer and driver, but softer so you won't screw up the blades of the turbo.

    Good luck.

    ... And if you can't free it up, I have a turbo for sale.

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    Well I tried those two just now, still nothing!!!!! I really don't want to tap on the impellor of the the turbo, heck if I can't figure this out I might be selling the ski so if you are in the market being as you already have a turbo let me know. I am kinda hoping shawn will jump in soon and give me a definite answer on this one. If there is something I am missing let me know.

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    It’s a custom size (8.5mm 12point) that IHI made. You may get by with a 6 point 9mm socket (i have before i recieved the proper tool from IHI), but you may still round it off.

    The high speed shaft assembly is why IHI did this as the nut is also ground on to balance the shaft. Best to remove the turbo housing and free the wheel that way. If you don’t. you will need a new nut which IHI wont sell you but you can find them in the aftermarket.


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    Well I went with the 9mm 6 point and it took very little pressure to unstick the impellor on the turbo. I fired the ski on the hose and it did fine...I appreciate all the help and might need to contack nitro soon depending on if I keep this ski or decide to go gp1300r.

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    You definitely need to water test it. It will work on the hose even if it is stuck. Mine did.

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    Do you still have your turbo for sale? I have a 08 R-12 that was submerged in salt water by an inexperienced driver. The Machine wont go above 15 mph! I believe the turbo is finished. Any way to be sure?

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    Take off the air inlet hose and check to see if you can spin the impeller.

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    Well it took me a while to get back on here but I water tested it and it ran great.Thanks for all the help.

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