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    2002 Polaris Genesis I won't rev past 4000 rpm

    I have a 2002 Polaris Geneis FICHT Injected ski that I bought over a year ago not running. It was backfiring severely and blew out the planet baffles. It will now start and idle fine, but on acceleration it bogs and fails to rev past 4000 rpm's.

    I have done the following:

    • Sent EMM to DFI and got it repaired
    • Replaced TPS
    • Compression good 130 psi across all 3 cylinders
    • fuel pressure good over 24 psi
    • replaced CPS
    • replaced reeds
    • replaced injectors and computer with another good set - same problem
    • No engine codes - 1 1 ALL CLEAR
    • replaced all fuel

    I removed the flywheel/stator cover to look for debris from magnets coming lose, but no evidence and check timing as well.

    I am running out of things to try and not to mention running out of patience!! Any suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance.

    Here is a video to demonstrate the problem

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    oil guage working sounds like limp mode any warnings

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    Quote Originally Posted by nitrosportman View Post
    oil guage working sounds like limp mode any warnings
    No warnings on the MFD. Oil and Gas are full and read full. No codes stored in EMM.

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Does the MFI display say 'Reverse' ?

    Double check that the correct wire colors are connected to each injector.

    Correct spark plugs installed?

    Is it possible that the flywheel keyway has sheared and allowed the flywheel timing to shift?

    I could not see the display clearly when you were revving it. Why is the video display cropped tall and narrow?

    Unplug and bypass the display connector. See if the engine revs better.

    Remove and check the large exhaust hoses for overheating and internal collapse. A restricted exhaust hose will cause problems.

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    Found the Problem!

    Good call K447 on "Is it possible that the flywheel keyway has sheared and allowed the flywheel timing to shift?"

    Now the the old keyway is ground down flat and appears to welded itself to the crank.

    Any Suggestions to remove the old key without having to remove the motor?

    Dremel tool with a steady hand to remove old key?
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    Go at it gently with a small chisel and hammer. Should pop right out. Remember that's it's rounded where it sits in the crank so if it hit one one end it should kind of roll its way out.

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