1997 gp1200 pretty much stock - has choke plates removed, Riva air filters, premix, primer kit.

When it sit for more than a few minutes its starts hard... you need to use the primer. Even then it will start and idle, but you give it gas and it stalls. But if you give it another shot with the primer it wont stall and it will go. Once you get past this it runs fine. It will idle fine etc. I did have to idle it up to about 1800rpm because it would sometimes do this at a very low idle.

I have read the forums and rebuilt the carbs 100 low jet, 120 high, 1.5 seats, 115g spring. I made a pressure tester its pretty high 55-60pounds. Not sure if this is the problem?

It always used to run good. I bought the air filters and adaptors, primer kits and a nice set of carbs off ebay because mine were pretty rough looking I did this two winters ago, last summer it started doing this. I read up on it over th winter and tested the backflow valve thing and all the gas lines, etc to see if I had a leak and no pressure.

My gf has a hard time riding it like this I need to fix it