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    FX 140 Oil change - pulled out 3 quarts + 24oz. - could that be right?

    Yeah - weird. First time changing the oil in this 02 FX140. I used a new Tempo Fluid extractor and pulled out 3 quarts + 24oz out of the oil tank. The ski was fresh off the lake, so the oil was really hot. I couldn't believe how much came out - doesn't seem right. Checking the oil on the dipstick when hot it showed 2/3rds of the way towards max line. Air filter is dry and plugs are dry - ski runs really well.

    I know the oil capacity is 1.3gallons, but based on everything I've read, I should only be pulling out ~2.5 quarts.

    Thoughts? At this point, I'm going to change the filter too and put back in ~2quarts, crank it and let it get hot, check and add as necessary.

    Any other advice would be appreciated.


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    Odds are good it's not making oil.

    You may have just managed to get the extractor tube to the exact right spot to pull out most of the oil. I'm not familiar with the Tempo extractor, perhaps it has an unusually flexible tube or the heat of the oil/engine increased the flexibility.

    You state the level was good prior to changing. Therefor the amount removed with the extractor, plus the oil capacity of the filter, is what you'll eventually end up putting back in to get it to the same spot on the dipstick.

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    Thanks Kelly...I called Jet Thrust Perf here in Atlanta and the guys said, "yeah, if it wasn't overfull, sounds like you just did a good job getting all of the oil out," so, cool. I'd say it's definitely not "making oil" - I got a good chuckle from that...

    While in there, I put in some new plugs and will fill up with 2.5q to start with and run it on the hose for 10 minutes, or so, check and fill from there.

    thanks -

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    Dude, what was your method? I sure would like to extract that much oil! You must've been able to pass that tube all the way to the bottom. Did the tube go in 2 feet and more deep?

    On these FX HO< 2008 is very difficult to get that much oil out unless it was overfilled even at that this is nearly 4 qrts, it had to be way overfilled or you really did push that tube all the way in!

  5. #5 the ski like a scalded cat for 30 minutes, pull it out of the water and immediately extract the oil from the tank. I used a Tempo brand Fluid Extractor, which comes with a long, stiff, thin straw that you can actually get down into the rectangular louvre and to the bottom of the oil tank. I also raised the nose of the trailer up really high and just generally moved the ski around a bit to get as much oil in the tank as possible and out of the engine.

    It definitely wasn't overfilled - out of the 1.3 gallons of total oil, I was able to get out almost 4 quarts - that was with a filter change.

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    Just to close this thread took 3q+20oz to get the oil level right. I started with 2.5q, which didn't register on the dipstick when warm, added a .5q, another .5q and then a few oz. Now sitting 2/3rds full on the stick.

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    in the owners manual on my 08 fx 140 it says to start ski and let it idle for 6 mins on the hose, dont rev it just let it idle, after 6 mins turn off hose and just hit stop button no revving. pull dipstick out of tank on back and see where the oil level is, or extract it. doing it this way i am regularly getting out 2-2.5 qts of oil.

    Your method of changing the oil is getting more out but it is due to the fact that the oil is thin and the pump is able to pump it easier therefore it sucks alot of oil out of the bottom of the engine and pumps it back to the tank. Another thing though is when you check the level of the oil if you run it like a rape date and then check oil it is gonna appear higher than what it is.

    I know that yamaha reccomends starting the ski and letting it idle for 6 mins in the water or on the hose and then checking the oil level they say this gives you the proper reading on the oil level. I have done it by the book and i always get a good reading on the oil level. You will never get all the oil out of the engine, when we rebuild a MR-1 from bare bones it takes 5 quarts to get it back to the proper level on the stick. We also set all our oil levels about 1/4th inch from the full mark to keep the oil level from getting too high when the ski is being run hard or smashed around in the waves and getting on the air filter.
    Just my .02

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