I Arrived at The Chesapeake Light Tower a few minutes after the sun came up. I was the first and only jet ski / boat there. So I took advantage of it and speared my limit of Spadefish. By the time the first boat showed up I was packing my fish in ice for the 15 mile trip back to Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach. There are none left so do not bother making the trip out. I will go again soon and let you know if any more come around.
All kidding aside, I had a great early morning trip and was back at the ramp by a little after 0800 hrs. I took a parking lot shower, changed clothes and worked until 1800 hrs. I wish I could start everyday like that but I do not think my wife will continue to let me set the alarm for 0300 hrs. Here are some of the pictures I took this morning.