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    sl750 trying to burn up middle cylinder

    I bought a sl750, took it out and ran it and it was a little fat but not bad. I pulled the plugs and put new ones in, ran it again, and although borderline lean, not to bad. I put another set of plugs in and ran it for about 20 minutes, pulled the plugs and got this, the mag cylinder was fairly rich, the middle cylinder was LEAN (like no color, white, and the insulator was a red color), and the pto was a light prown like the previous set of plugs. The ski has an aftermarket 2 output fuel pump. What would cause this all the sudden? Could water cause this because i am missing the rubber snorkel on the air box? Or is this just an issue of the middle carb gumming up and excess fuel preasure going to the front cylinder? Im completely lost at what is doing this.

    any help is apreciated,


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    Just curious, did you take the carbs apart for a complete inspection? That's what I'd do first if I were you.

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    Piston wash pattern is preferred over plug reading.

    Have a look through my signature links. You may need to properly rebuild all three carbs and upgrade to a triple outlet fuel pump, along with the other recommended maintenance items.

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