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Thread: msx 150 trouble

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    msx 150 trouble

    i got the msx 150 turbo and when its on the water and i give it full throttle it does not give me its all and it only goes about 5mph and i look on the gadge and its only giving 1-2 bars of turbo.someone please help!

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    Your Turbo Waste gate is probably sticking. Assuming everything else is right on the ski. Check this url out and click on the msx 150/ 4 stroke turbo link then look for how to unstick your waste gate. Lots of good info on your ski in that url. Spend some time reading and you will find many answers to your questions there. Try that and respond back with whether or not it worked. Definitely make sure your oil level is correct as well while you are at it. If it is overfilled it can cause lots of problems with sensors.

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    HI Aj - K447 will soon get you back on the water quickly. I think you meant the top speed was 50 and not 5 mph. Also be aware the turbo boost gauge isn't measuring the turbo pressure (despite it's inference) it's measuring RPM's!

    If the wastegate is stuck the solution is to ease this off with suitable lubricant. What worked for me was to take the actuator arm off (it's only held on by a screw) being careful not to drop anything (like I did with a wrench/spanner) and then start working the actuator arm back and forth. Also make sure you remember where the nut was sitting on the vacuum arm when reaassembling. If you start the engine for a few seconds and warm up the exhaust you will find this much easier. Don't leave the engine on for more than a few secs though as it's not designed to be run without cooling. What I've found is that if you start the engine and it's set for reverse the engine will start, rev to about 3,000 rpm and the die back to about 1500rpm after a few secs - this is long enough to warm up the actuator arm.

    It took me about a week on and off, and then eventually (once the actuator arm had eased) a trip on the water before teh actuator arm got to the desirable - "can be moved by hand" situation.

    Best luck ...

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    my ski willl only go about 15 mph seamanayr and thats full throttle

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    hi,seized wastegate,listen to the other guys,
    common fault on the msx 150

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    Quote Originally Posted by simmy View Post
    hi,seized wastegate,listen to the other guys,
    common fault on the msx 150
    Simmy is most likely correct.

    Another problem could be a loose turbo hose. One time my turbo hose fell off, and it wasn't boosting fully. That was the first thing I checked, and sure enough, the hose was loose.

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    do you guys no where the boost hose is on the msx 150???

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    I have the same problem... mine wont' get passed 3400 rpm... no codes on the dash board and no check engine light is staying on... I feel it may be stuck in the reverse mode... motor sounds good... I also am only able to get two bars on the turbo.... but the ski won't go passed 8 mph... any suggestions

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    Hi ajballer01 - I haven,t looked at green hulk for a couple of weeks and just wondering how you are getting on - did you find the hose? And is the wastegate stuck?

    hope you are getting sorted - my jet bike is fine now I have the watstegate and voltage regulator problems sorted - at last ....

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