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    vx110 opinions please

    Just bought these ski's yesterday, took them out and the one my son was riding kept beeping and idling....he would shut it off and restart it, and it would run full speed again....said it did it around 8 times. He didn't tell me till we loaded them, got it home and checked the oil, had none on the stick and look like tank was pretty much empty.....didn't make any noise that I could you guys think I should fill it up with oil and try it, or pull the motor and check the bearings?

    I think the oil filter was leaking. the guy I bought them from said he service the engine but never changed the filter.... I pulled it off and it had a some rust around base of it....
    Also had a metallic glare to the oil that ran out of it when I drained it in the pan........I changed the filter on the other identical ski and it had the same metallic look to the oil that came out of the filter....they both have 88 hrs on them, could the metallic be from the break in of the engine if he never changed the filter? Thanks for any help Sonny

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    I ran into the same thing with this alarm on my vx110 last year. We forgot to put the chain tensioner back on so we lost all our oil. I would change the filter and fill the oil back up and you should be alright.

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    you want to change the oil and filter, check the air filter by removing and looking at both sides, dont shine a light in there and say its fine, remove it, look for any oil, and either toss it out or replace it if its even 10% contaminated. since your oil level is wrong, i would suggest putting in 2 and 3/4 quarts once oil is drained and filter installed. change plugs may be a good idea, be sure to torque them right and apply a small amount of anti seize.

    now since were in the blind on oil amounts. the rule of thumb is to put back what you removed plus 6 to 8 ounces for the oil filter. i would suggest after changing it. start it on the water hose with it close to level, let it run 7 minutes, shut off wait 3 minutes and read oil level, you should be around half way up teh dip stick doing it this way. if its near the top, remove 4 ounces. once you go back to lake check it properly with a truly warmed up engine. be sure to add the water hose to it AFTER you started it and shut water off BEFORE you kill engine. heck if its all fixed and runs right after that, and you think the oil was contaminated, after running it a 1-2 hours on water, i might change oil only again to be safe, then putting back what you took out and no filter change. reason is your not getting all the oil out each change.

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    The ski I'm refering to had seems almost no oil, so not sure how much I should add....also do you think the metallic looking oil that dumped out of the filter is just break in from him not changing the filter? Thanks again man....I am a automotive mechanic, and have experince with drag cars etc..but this is new to me and I do appreciate the help Sonny

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    The VX is a dry sump. You need to check it after its been run. If you wait too long to check the level, the oil level will have dropped.

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    Filled with oil and took out on the water today, everything seems to be great. Gonna do a service again and let it ride, Thanks for your help guys

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    my 06 vx 100 deluxe was a super durable great machine,, very fun in all types of conditions, and on the choppy-est of days the engine compartment stayed bone dry,,

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