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    R.A.V.E Valve question

    As you know i have taken carbs off and found a damaged gasket-i thought while i wait for parts i will strip ad clean up the RAVE valves.
    Anyway-decided to take the valve off on the plug fouling side-stripped, cleaned and put back together again no problems.

    Got to the next rave valve, stripped, cleaned and put back together-only to notice it doesnt move as freely as the other valve-almost like its too tight, but i did nothing different went putting it back together.

    does this mean that:
    1. This RAVE valve internal spring needs replacing?
    2. The other RAVE valve internal spring needs replacing as it has larger range of movement (up and down)
    3. The valve itself has somehow expanded due to high temp and the shaft now catches in its holiding (pretty unlikely i would say)?
    Any views?

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    Carbon in the port?

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    As stupid as it may sound, make sure it's in the right way.

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    i might not have made it very clear in my description-its not due to it being put in the port-it doesnt move as freely whilst out of port or in port. thats why im thinking spring

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