I have 9 hours on my ski, 2009 ultra 260X when I noticed by accident, due to dropping the screw that I remove for fogging, that the bolts on the front motor mounts where missing (that's both sides that attach engine to mount) and the bolts that attach the motor mounts to the craft where loose. Has anyone else had this problem? I've been very meticulous with the break in process. I stay prettymuch on top of things, I just didn't expect this. Noticed some strange sounds the last time I took it out, nothing alarming, just as if it was struggling a little, but since I was going to service it at 10 hrs, I didn't think much of it, thinking that it might have been the SC belt.
By the motormount bolts being gone and or loose, can that cause any damage to engine? Anything that I should have looked at by the shop? All I know is that this shouldn't happen to a ski with 9 hrs on it. Any help will be greatly appreciated.