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    How to split the hull on kawasaki 650 sx.....?

    Can anyone help me out on how to split the hull on a kawasaki 650 sx???????

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    [QUOTE=BADSL900;1716048]Can anyone help me out on how to split the hull on a kawasaki 650 sx???????[/QUOT


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    im moveing the exhaust from the rear to the front. and im restoreing the whole ski....

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    any ideas?...

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    Quote Originally Posted by badsl900 View Post
    any ideas?...

    to make a clean cut you will need to buy a fein multimaster tool. And some diamond blades 2and half round and narrow tips for the tight spots. The tool and blades are a bit pricey but this tool is great. The hull and deck joint are glued. You will need to put ski upside down on a cart. After removing rub rail you will see the seem that you will want to cut into, it takes time to do it right! But will come out nice.. This is a job for a pro, but if you are good working with hand tools you should do fine. After you are done and are ready to put back deck on hull let me know and i'll help you out.
    Ask me any thing you need to know about fiberglass and smc repair. Hope this help's you out.....

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    what company or brand should i use for a gel coat for the hull.

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