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    how to check if a pwc is stolen before buying?

    I found a 97 sl 700 for sale and it doesnt have a title....i was wondering were do i check to see if its been stolen before i buy it? I hate to buy it and it be stolen and lose money!!


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    Would think if you took the registration number and hull id number to your local police department you coulld find out. Also make sure the guy selling it is the guy listed on the title/registration

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    Go to the local place to register they will be able to tell. at least that is what happend when mine were stolen. The cops actually let the guy keep the ski. The insurance had already paid me bt still not right. They said teh ski was stolen but the trailer was not so they did not have any way to store it so they let him keep the ski. Kinda screwed up. The guy he bought it from told him that the registration was not in hs name because I was a freind of his and had not had time to get it changed over.

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