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    SLX 780 - Motor running but ski not moving anywhere


    Last Sunday a relative took my 780 SLX out for a quick spin about a blocks distance. It was shut down when it was returned to the beach. When I tried to start it up again a few minutes later it would not move anywhere. The motor runs and revs up, although it sounds like it has a vibration in it now, but it does not move anywhere. I checked the intake to make sure no grass was blocking it, nothing there. I didnt think to check the impeller to see if it was spinning or not.

    I usually just beach these on the beach in the back yard. The house is on a lake. I'm guessing I may have to pull it on the trailer. This weekend or next I will start troubleshooting. Ideas? Where's the easiest place to start?


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    sounds like the rubber coupler is stripped

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    Splines on either end of the driveshaft are probably stripped. Sceck the splines in the drive coupler and impeller as well. Once you remove the jet pump the problem should be pretty obvious

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    I've had it happen with debris wrapped aroud the impeller/stator , such as a plastic bag.

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    Great suggestions so far. I will check all of this and report back.


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    Most of the time there is a small rock caught between the impeller blades and is hard to see, pull the back 4 bolts and pull out the impeller , sometimes a small piece of wood from the beach.

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    Engine coupler, drive shaft, impeller or stub shaft if the intake is clear.

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    Well I think I found the problem. What the hell is this plastic thing jammed in there? Just something from the water or what? I was able to pry it out. Does everything else look ok? Is there anything else to be worried about or can I drop it in and go?

    I also pulled out the four long bolts to get the pump out but couldnt knock the pump loose. I'm just going to put them back in now. Do I need to put locktite on these? Whats the torque for these?


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    That plastic bit is debris from the water.

    Looks like you have some hull damage near the drive shaft through-hole. Make sure that is not going to be a problem before you put it back into the water.

    No Loctite needed on the long pump bolts (although some guys do use the blue 242)

    Torque spec is 18 ft-lbs. Tighten in stages in a criss-cross cross pattern.

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    Thanks. I started it up on the trailer for a few seconds. I thought I heard a metal clanking sound as the motor slowed down when I killed it. I hope nothing got messed up or bent. I havent put it in the water yet to see how it runs.

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