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    Good price for an 02 xlt1200?

    Hey guys, found an xlt1200 for sale local with 70 hours on it. Seller wants 3200 and it comes with a trailer and cover.

    I was a 2stroke atv guy for years until I bought my yfz450 brand new. Love the handling and the gas and go is great.

    So my next question is how reliable is the xtl?

    I see the newer 4strokes really get up there as far as hours go. Is it worth it to spend some extra money for a 4 stroke?

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    Sounds reasonable, but really depends if any upgrades were done. Waveaters and D-Plate are definitely needed for long term mechanical viability. Others like intake grate, impeller, and plug kits are optional to improve performance. Also would highly recommend resecuring all oil lines. If you don't, rest assured a line will become disconnected in the near future and cause catastrophic failure.

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    +1 on the wave eaters & d-plate but I would try to get it for less than 3K.

    If you take care of it you should get 200 hours out of it before you start having to spend big money on it; carb rebuild, top end.
    Very reliable motor and simple enough to wrench yourself with the invaluable info offered here on the Hulk.

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