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    Unhappy Recent jetski purchase

    I just bought a 94 Polaris Ski from family, and am now having a difficult time getting it to start. I have used it before, so I know it works, but it will not start now. Anyone know of a good Polaris mechanic in the Dallas Fort Worth area that I can take it to?

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    Welcome to the HULK! you found the right place.. I would read thru some of the threads on here on your ski first and learn a little bit about your year ski and what the good and bad is, the do's and don'ts/
    You can use the search button on the first page and look stuff up if theres a thread on it! and there probably

    Usually on those skis. guys change the carb fuel routing and go with a triple outlet fuel pump to start. If you would like more info on that kinda stuff. let us know.. there's pictures and procedures you can follow and we'll help ya thru it..

    other things to consider are doing a compression test and see where your at with that first. that's a good indication of piston condition.. good first start anyways..

    those skis are vunerable to burning a piston over time with the original pump getting weak. that's the first thing you would want to do..

    there's also a page on the front page that helps new guys list what kind of ski they have ,motor size, and modifications done to it and so on.. Take a peek at that too, the info you state will help us get your ski up to date and running good..

    Be prepared to throw a lil money at your ski.. Maintenance is a big deal for jetskis in general. especially older ones that are over 10 years old.

    If ya need help, just ask!

    I don't think theres any polaris mechanics around anywhere. You may become one shortly! Is your battery fully charged and putting out over 10.6 V while cranking ?, if not, it's junk.. An AGM(absorbed glass) mat would do that ski well

    If you prime it will it start?

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    Welcome to the Hulk

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