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    XLT 1200 running issues. Power Valves. Water in PV chamber, etc. Appreciate the help

    Bought 2001 XLT (and 2004 GP 1300R) The GR runs great. The XLT had hole shot and overall run-ability issues. Took apart. Found one of the fuel pump gaskets was leaking. Rebuilt carbs (new needle/seat, all gaskets, fuel pumps). Safety wired all fuel and oil lines. Installed D plate and chip. While installing wave eater clips I found that the middle PV was detached. Found the pin in the groove, No damage. However, there was some evidence of water inside the PV area. I replaced the pin, and installed the Waver Eater Clips. Took the XLT out, thinking it was going to be 100% and it still feels like it's taking off on 2 cylinders. When it gets going it runs very well top end. Checked compression this morning and PV adjustment settings and found the middle plug to have some water on it as well (same cylinder at the water with the PV chamber the previous day). The ski has 62 hrs on it and was bone stock. I have owned skis in the past and have pretty good mechanical background. Thanks for the help, in advance.

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    Sound to me like you may have a failed cylinder base gasket on that one. Try doing an engine pressure test. There are several posts on here telling how to do this. I personally bought some gasket material and cut out some blocks to seal the exhaust and at the reed valves. This was pretty easy to do without removing the engine. There are also some premade kits that are great.

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    Aha, That was one of my thoughts. Do you think that it could be a head (cap) gasket, or is is a pretty sure thing that it is a cylinder/base gasket? I think I have to pull the exhaust manifold, but the carbs can stay. Is that a correct assumption? Thanks for the reply.

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    It is possible that the head gasket is bad. The head can be removed pretty easily if you want to look at it. With the pressure test at least you'll know if something is leaking or not. As for the carbs I would pull those to do the test. You will need to cap the three intakes at the reed valves behind the carbs and the three lines coming out just above them. I will try to post some pictures when I get home.

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    Yes, the pressure test looks like an in-depth procedure. If I'm going to have to pull the exhaust and carbs again, I may as well just replace all of the gaskets. Do you think it's worth while to rebuild the top end at 62hrs? Atlantic Jet wants $345 for the top end kit (which includes all of the gaskets). I didn't expect a Yamaha to have these kind of problems with 62 hours. I have always had great luck with them. A bit disappointed with the XLT at the moment.

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