Hi folks,new here to this great looking forum. Sorry my first post is to solicit help.
Just bought my first ski for the grandkids (and me ) Grand paw rocks
A 1998 Kawasaki 1100 zxi, had it running on the water hose getting it ready for our maiden voyage,it was running fine and then it just died.Turns over great, pulled a plug and no spark at all.Checked the fuses and all were good. Took the cover off of the electrical box and uuggghhhh lots of moisture,even a 1/4 inch of standing water, not good I am sure. Dried everything out,sprayed all the connections with contact cleaner and still nothing. With my very limited knowledge of this machine I am guessing its the voltage regulator or the CDI unit. Should I just start throwing parts at it? Any and all suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Grand paw doesn't rock anymore...LOL Thanks in advance.