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    2001 kawasaki 1100 stx di

    Hey all, I'm looking into buying my first ski, but honestly know nothing about them so I'm trying to do a little research. I'm looking at this one here:

    I bet I could talk him down to 3k maybe a little lower. What do y'all think this is worth? If I do go look at it what should I be looking for to make sure it's in good condition. As always thanks in advance!

    Or would something like this be a better choice?

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    Either one would be a nice ski. Whatever one floats your boat The kawi wont do 65 easy That is the number probably on the mfd (aka dreamometer) It will be in the 50's on a GPS

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    Nice, stable 'Skis, but I've noticed a number of people having trouble with the DI system.

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