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    Florida Jury awards $35 million to family lost daughter to Yamaha Waverunner accident

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    Thats a bad deal... sounds alot like operator error to me though too.

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    That's very tragic, but people need to realize that PWCs are performance machines capable of causing you great injury or death unless you know how to operate the machine correctly.

    It scares me when I go riding to see young kids riding solo or 2-up on PWCs... I give them a wide berth, because I don't want to be involved if they are part of an accident.

    I swear, ignorance is running rampant in this country...

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    That story is very sad but I find it obscene that the case even went to trial. That suit is as ridiculous as suing a motorcycle company b/c the bike will not remain upright when stopped. If an object steers by using thrust and you remove the thrust.... then obviously the object can NOT steer.

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