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    02 virage 800I no spark?

    Hi everyone I am new here and new to PWC's also I bought some jetskis not running and the one I am starting with is a 02 800i the po said it died one day brought it home and it fired right up, went back to the lake and after a while it wouldnt start. The stator is new but it still has no spark. Question 1 is there fuses I should check somewhere question 2 is there a step by step testing procedure I should follow. I did read k447's profile info and unpluged the tps still no spark, it cranks fine with or without the laynard, with or without the bildge button pushed (bilge pump does work) It is fuel injected. Sorry so long winded but I am hoping it runs. thanks

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    Check voltage on white/red wire while cranking.

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