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    Yamaha - what's good and bad about the new FX HO?

    Hey guys

    I'm keen to hear your impressions of the new '11 FX HO. I'm thinking of trading in my Ultra 250x for one because my Ultra is expensive to run (fuel) and maintain with the SC. I mainly use my ski for water skiing / tubing and club rides of over 100 kms / 60 miles in open water.

    I couldn't find stats on the torque of the HO, but surely an 1800cc would have no dramas pulling a skier out of the water?

    What are they like in the open water?

    Any thoughts on build quality / reliability?


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    '11 FX HO is a great boat w/ super reliable engine. It should do about 63 mph with one rider under ideal conditions. I have the same engine in my VXS and it is more than capable of any towing duities. In my opinion this is one of the great all around Skis available today when you consider economy, creature comforts, value, gas mileage, etc. The only thing it won't do is acheive the top speeds of the top of line super charged models and the VXR / VXS series. But if absolute top speed is not a primary concern I would definitely say this a boat to be looked at.

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    Have a 2010 FXHO 1.8, its only ski I have had that gives me total peace of mind, Great ski

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    Thanks guys. Could be my next ski.

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    Ive got a 07 fxho 160 which ticks all the boxes FXHO's r the best ski's going in my opinion

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