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    1995 750 sl no spark

    Brand new to this forum and jet ski ownership so please bear with me. Just bought a non running 750 sl (more time than money). Good compression but no spark. Found a wiring diagram on here and tried to run some tests but I am no electrician and have a few questions. When testing the ohms do you disconnect the wires from the cdi and test there? If so do you test the ends that come from of the stator or the ones that come from the cdi What is the most likely culprit for no spark. I could use a manual I guess. I am fairly mechanical but have zero knowledge of skis. There are a couple of clear hoses under the front hood that I am unsure of. One leads to the back of the mfd and seems to end under the right bottom of the engine. The other just sticks up through a hole under the hood and was laying loose under the same side of the engine. There is also a short line hanging from the oil tank and has a small filter on the end but nothing attached. It has a new starter and I was a bit worried after I charged the battery the first time and turned it over it turned over extremely slowly. I thought it was a bad battery but after a new battery made it turn over even more slowly I figured out the battery cable to the starter was not tight and it turns over fine now. I don't have a trailer yet so I finally got it up on a stand. I wasn't able to see the inpeller when I was turning it over but the shaft was spinning. Now with it on stands I tried to turn the impeller by hand and it doesn't want to move. Normal? The bottom half of the lcd readout on the mdf is not working so I cant be sure what it says. It does flash a red light at the top sometimes is that relevent to the no spark issue. Sure there are more questions to come. So thanks in advance for any help.

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    You have some learning to do...

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    It sounds like your oil injection pump has been disconnected. Read about oil pump block off and figure out if this has been done, or if your oiling system is simply missing some hoses.

    No spark can have multiple causes. You just need to work through all the checks until you get it sorted out.

    Ohm tests for coils are done with the coil leads unplugged and the meter touching the coil wires. There are no ohm tests for the CDI itself.

    Stator ohm tests are done with the stator wires unplugged. Take digital photos of everything before you pull things apart

    Clear hoses. One is for the speedometer and connects to a pitot nipple under the drive shaft. The other is for the vent nipple on the battery.

    These Polaris engines require a strong and healthy battery. Check voltage while cranking the engine. Should be more than 10.6 volts while cranking.

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    I definitely do have alot to learn. Thanks for the info on the tubes. Do you have to pull the engine to access the stator (hope not)? Is there a way to test cdi other than swap? What is a fair price for a cdi? LOL Sorry for so many questions. The clear hose with filter appears to come from top of oil resevoir. Could it be a vent?

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