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    frozen low speed adjusters super bni 46

    Can anyone help me on how to remove adjusters they will only make half a turn and stop. Front carb they came right out. I am currently looking for a rear carb. (super bni 46) If this keeps up I will need a middle carb too.I am currently soaking the port with carb cleaner. Anybody know what hangs these things up? I cant imagine what stops these dead in there tracks. Does the threads on adjuster go past the female threads in the body? I also didnt think the carbs were that expensive when I seen other mikuni carbs online. But I see this particular one is high. I am sorry I was to aggresive with the rear carb I thought these were 200$ carbs like the ones I see listed online. Any help will be appreciated. thankyou

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    I ran into this very problem today with my 44 carbs. Perhaps Oside Bill who deals with carbs on a continuous basis will chime in with a better method, but I'll tell you what I did to correct my problem.

    1. Remove carb from carb bank and completely remove ALL of the gas. I then flushed it with water, especially at the low speed adjuster to remove any sediment and salt that had accumulated.

    2. Let the low speed adjuster soak in Kroil oil (penetrant on steroids) for a few hours, then reflushed with water.

    3. Used a bic propane lighter (the type with the extended reach to light a fireplace or bbq pit) to heat up around the low speed adjuster. I used the fact that dissimmilar metals of the low speed adjuster and the carburetor body should expand at different rates, and therefor should allow it to free up.

    4. Loosened the low speed ajuster by adding Kroil oil and opening and closeing it a little bit more and more each time.

    This took about an hour, but eventually it freed itself. It was just sand and salt that caused the problem.

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