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    Removing fuel knob on XLT 800

    The nut holding my fuel knob cracked. To replace it I need to take off the fuel knob. The screw on top of fuel knob does not want to come off? Is there a set screw or is it a left thread.... Is there a trick to getting it off? I have tried WD40. Please advise. Thanks

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    haha!..I posted the same question an hour before you! replies probably means this has been aswered before, though I looked, I did not find....

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    Big nut underneath inside. Look inside the hull.

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    I was thinking of the primer. Here is a link to the blow up diagram of what you have

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    60% of the time, it works every time.
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    Screw is just a normal machine thread. Just took mine off to confirm. Looks like after the knob comes off, then you loosen that large jam nut. If your screw isn't comming out, may want to soak it down with pbblaster or something. its in a tough spot though. Anyhoo, it comes off just as your thought. Hope that helps...a little.

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    soaked it several times over a couple days, I cant believe its not budging! What makes it worse is the nut holding it tight to the hull is either broken of loose so I have to hold from underneath while trying to turn...I'm gonna have to drill it but want to line up another switch before I do, thanks for replies!

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    60% of the time, it works every time.
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    can you get someone to give you a hand. One hold, one turn the screw?

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    yea, I suppose ...unfortunately with lack of patience, the screw is a little buggered and prolly wont be able to get a real good bite...

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