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    Snapped bolts/studs!

    After originally wanting to just do a carb check/rebuild-i seem to have unearthed problem after problem to my frustration.

    After whipping carbs off-found a broken stud bolt (the silly nut on underneath of header pipe that joins to manifold)-so knew that had to be sorted before putting carbs back on after their clean up, but after speaking to a few knowledgeable technicians i was strongly advised to avoid removing header pipe as it has to be perfectly put back together at the copper ring section-so i thought if i remove the manifold from the block i could kill 2 birds with one stone (be able to get to broken stud without removing header pipe) Great!

    In theory it should have worked-BUT! after removing 7 of 8 of the manifold bolts (allen wrench type) i come to the 8th and its on sooooooooo damn tight and it didnt seem to have alot of grip inside (sligtly rounded from last it was removed perhaps?) anyway i manged to get a 1/4turn when the allen wrench slipped and just spun-fanbloodytastic!

    due to this bolts position-i could not get mole/vice grips on, could not bang in any sockets, could not bang on any sockets-i attempted to bang in a 10mmallen wrench but that was just way too big-so i thought i would cut a slit in the bolt head to try a flathead-did that and that failed, kept trying and trying but bolt was on soooo tight that i ended up just eating the head, so then i was left with no other choice but to remove remaining head of bolt-i originally planned to use a set of easy out stud extractors but i cant get a drill in the space to drill a straight pilot hole!!!!


    any suggestions or tips anyone?

    i have exhausted all possibilities in the 10+hrs i have spent on this damn thing!

    i am at the point where i am close to just giving the ski away or just smash it up

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    remove the pipe (in 1 piece), put the 7 SHCS back in place, tighten the dicked up bolt you are trying to remove, remove the engine, have a machine shop weld onto the stud so that you can use vise grips to remove the stud, replace the stud w/ new oem, reinstall engine, put pipe back on after block sanding the manifold to pipe connection, reinstall carbs and go ride-- about 4 hours of time and done correctly...

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    even better do all that stuff with the exception of have the shop remove the bolt for you. They can weld on a bolt and get it out while its still hot. Heat is your friend when removing bolts. This is why working on Saltwater Skis is so much trouble!

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