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    Kawasaki stx12f problem with power!

    I have Kawasaki stx 12f 2006, the course is 40 HOURS.
    My kawasaki has a problem with the power.
    One the water flows max.60km/h(38-40 mph)i not exceed 5200 rpm.
    Screw is ok again, I checked the air filter is ok.
    computer service has no bugs.
    When connected to a hose with water on land engine is running normally to 8000 revolutions, on the water just 5200 rpm.
    Please help!. what else could be causing this?
    could TPS (throttle position sensor) on the throttle body?
    , thanks for the reply.
    ,,fire-954,, Poland

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    I'd do a compression check first since the engine is loaded down due to lack of power.
    If that is good then you may have a fuel flow problem, dirty fuel filter etc.

    Translation for those that can't figure it out .

    40 hours on the machine
    runs only up to 40mph at 5200 rpm
    impeller is good
    no indicated electronic faults
    air intake track is clear

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    40 hours.....She's due for plugs...don't clean the old ones, install new ones

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    same problem

    I Have the same problem with problem two 2006 STX12f skis. At the beginning of the summer one ski was running rough, I changed the spark plugs in that ski. The ski ran great for about two hours, then we noticed the ski had developed another problem (no power). I have taken the ski to the dealer three times they are no help they just took my money. since then my other ski has started running the same. the top speed is 38 to 40 and they wont Idle. I have checked the compression (185 to 195) and the fuel pressure is 47 psi. on both skis. I have tried to put the computer in dealer mode by pressing set and mode buttons simultaneously, the computer won't switch to dealer mode on either ski. Does anybody have any Ideas.

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    serviceman said today that it is too little pressure on pump fuel.
    Standard Catalog Kawasaki is 43 psi.
    They ordered a new pump, and tomorrow we will know whether this is the reason?
    Does this model is faulty fuel pump?
    I heard from a rare case.

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    When they say little pressure, how many psi is that?
    Fuel pump itself is either working or not working, nothing in between. And yes, water conaminated fuel can rust out the fuel pump motor and it can completely disable it.
    However, if the filter (sock) is clogged up at the bottom of the fuel pump assembly, it can produce less pressure/flowrate. It can be easily cleaned out just by removing 3 screws off at the filter bracket.

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    thanks,, meangreenman,,.
    Today I receive my Kawasakistx 12f.
    I'll be looking for the same reason.
    I will be grateful for hints

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    there is a fuel filter before the fuel rail on these skis that can be clogged, it is worth checking it out to see if its plugged. If I remember correctly its less than the fuel pump.


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    Quote Originally Posted by meangreenman View Post
    When they say little pressure, how many psi is that?
    Fuel pump itself is either working or not working, nothing in between.
    Generally a true statement.....Unfortunately, in my experience, they can appear to pump fine, but put out reduced pressure (2/3 in my case) which isn't sufficient psi or fuel flow to run the engine properly.

    But, you need to ck everything else, as described above, before replacing a pump that is moving fuel

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