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    Few maintenance questions

    Hey everyone, so i picked up my first jetski last week. Its a 2003 Seadoo xp di with 110hours on it. Im a newbie willing to learn, so school me please. I bought ngk spark plugs last night, but i still want to do more. The previous owner told me that it has gas from last year( not sure if i should drain it or just add new gas to it)? Then he told me to add some oil, i opened the cap and i looked at the oil( it looks like the color of yoohoo)not sure how 2cyl oil should look. I heard 2cyl oil doesn't get changed, just added. I think i would want to drain it because the color of it scares me. On to my next question, which kind of oil should i use for my ski( i seen seadoo but its pricey).

    Please help out thanks guys!

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    Congratulations on your purchase of an XP! You are correct in thinking that oil is no changed, it is just added. You'll go through a tank every 10-20 hours. The oil that I use, is just quick silver from walmart it's a dark nasty looking blue. I donno if it's good or bad for it, but the way I ride it, it gets rebuilt every 2 or 3 years anyways. That oil runs about 30$ a gal.
    As for spark plugs, make sure it's the right ones. You'd have to get the shop manual for the machine, which is available online for free.
    As for gas, it won't last long, just add more to it. My 787, (the smaller xp engine) lasts about 1-1.5 hours on a tank of gas. It's a huge money pit, but it's worth it.

    While you are in there, make sure that you don't have the nasty gray fuel lines. Those WILL rot out in no time, if they havn't already and gum up your di circuit (which is way more expensive to fix than a carb unit.)

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    thanks bro, so im guessing every oil brand has different colors? My bro in his Yamaha 2cyl has a oil with a green tint to it. The previous owner told me he only used Seadoo oil, but thats his words only lol. Yes i bought the ngk zfr4f plugs. I have to see how much gas is in the tank, i have to locate the fuel lines first then i will check out the condition of them lol. What else should i check/changed/maintain because im new to jetski's but i'm already in love with the sport!

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    did you check the compression already?

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    DI engines are hard on the spark plugs...I would change them out as a pre-caution since the previous owner mentioned it hasn't been run for a year....

    A good way to tel if the spark plugs are no good is to the engine won't rev past idle or 2,000 rpms while on the water, a quick change of the spark plugs will fix this.

    Only use DI approved oils in DI engines...not doing will screw up the injectors and the oiling system. I used XPS-DI then they changed the name to XPS-II, now it's just XPS...

    I have a 2002 GTX-DI and that's what I've read unless there's compatiable oil like penzoil 100% synehtic which I have to do research on...

    Also get rid of the oil in the tank...oil looking like yoo-hoo means it's contaiminated with water and that's no good...

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    My compression is 110 psi in both cylinders. It was my first time doing it, hopefully my numbers are accurate. Yeah my oil looks like light brown similar to yoohoo lol, the previous owner told me he used the seadoo oil( what is the color supposed to be)? Your saying drain it from the oil tank and my put some new oil in? I need help locating the the oil drain, or should i siphon the old oil. My last question how much oil does the tank hold. Thanks.

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    Your compression is a bit low..130-150 psi is optimal (2-4 psi difference between cylinders). If you don't know what the owner ran for oil then you need to drain out all the oil as well as what's in the line. Mixing oils is bad news. There should be a line coming out the bottom of the oil tank. Unstrap the tank and lift it up a bit to see the line. The nipple is pressed in the tank so don't rip at it. See if you can replace the filter as well..wouldn't hurt.

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