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    2004 RXP with 125 hrs Im thinking of getting

    I have always ran my GTX 155hp And never has let me down. But im ready to speed it up a bit. A buddy has a 2004 rxp with a few mods. And a Brand new blower with the steel washers. It has 125 hrs on it. What i want to know is whats the going price for one with the hrs. How reliable or they....?

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    Just start reading some threads,mixed

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    4200-5100 is average.... The issue with the 04's is the exhaust valves.... You will need to update them to the newer versions to prevent one from dropping...

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    Im been reading and not really finding much besides the washers in the blower. Only mods is the X charger and ravi exhaust.

    How many Hrs will these motors AVG if taken care of?

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