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    sea doo gti 1996 idle but dies ?

    Im a back yard mechanic but im stumped , The situation..... 1996 gti sea-doo I have totally cleaned the fuel system and replaced all fuel lines and rebuilt carbs. the ski starts and will run for 30 seconds or so but dies at throttle up. if i add fuel to open carbs i can maintain it running until i throttle it . choking helps a bit but its still fighting me. Sparks are new, oil pump is working , compression is good good fuel flow. I tried to use a separate fuel source to the carbs {small bottle} and it didn't change the problem. I changed the carbs out with 2 different sets i have that were all 100% At this point i'm planning to go out and change the computer unit , could it be the temp sensor? no alarm, until i ground it . possible timing? would it not sound like donkey doo or not run at all,if it were the timing ? any ideas....i'm praying its something simple i'm overlooking.

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    Its the same guy that posted this question, well I switched out the electronics and temp sensor so i'm guessing its the timing or compression? any advice would be great thanks .

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