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    No ignition on Yamaha 1200XLT

    Hoping someone can help me figure out what's wrong. 2001 Yamaha 1200XLT. Took it out last week and ran fine the first day. Ran fine the the second day until the end of the day and then wouldn't start. Cranks, but no fire. Took the plugs out and sprayed some starter fluid in and still nothing (that usually does the trick). 1/2 tank of new gas, 3/4 tank of oil and changed out the spark plugs after it wouldn't start with the starter fluid. Swapped the fuse.


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    Check for corroded wires coming from the handle bars. work the kill switch by putting the kill key in and out several times also the stop button.

    If you put a spark plug in the plug wire and ground the plug to the motor does it spark.

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    No sparks on any of the plugs when they are connected and grounded to the engine. I would assume that the kill switch is not in play since the starter cranks and cranks, just no fire being lit.

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