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    Does CHECK ENGINE lcd message go away 2002 4tec seadoo???? HELP

    I really dont want to run to the dealer, but one of my plugs that goes into the fuse box was loose on me, and slipped out while the ski was running killing my ski in the middle of the water but thats another story,so i plugged it back in and now i am getting a p0344 code something to do with the cam phase signal which runs through the plug that was loose, i cleaned it up, added di electric grease and made sure it was snug, the ski fires up great and runs fine (i have not taken it out yet, still a little nervous dont want to damage anything)... but that chk eng does not go away, will it turn off on its own when it sees everything is normal again?? does anyone know how long if so?? i hate to invest in a candoo just to reset this thing.... Also lets just say the sensor happen to go out at the same time by some amazing coincidence if i replace it would i still have to have the memory reset at the dealer??? the disconnect battery did not help, and comments would be nice, thanks

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    I think it is a coincidence as i have metered it down to bad cps....

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    The code will clear when the problem is fixed. Occurred faults will be stored in the ECU till cleared but will not be displayed on the cluster. Only active faults are displayed on the cluster.

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