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    Yamaha and Riva Parts

    So, does this mean a dealer hasn't a leg to stand on in denying warranty work on a ski modded with these items now?

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    Good question!!!
    I was always under the impression that the actual after market part would have had to cause a failure to deny any claim

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    Looks to me to be more of a good marketing move on Riva's part. I think Riva/Dean's Team is pretty much the "factory Yamaha" team, so I'm guessing they had enough clout to get their parts listed as Yamaha accesories.

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    Yamaha has been selling Riva grates and rideplates for a years, but they look to be carrying a lot more now.

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    lol nice find biz. First I've heard of it.

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    Niiice... the dealers will probably only accept warranty claims if "they" install them...LOL

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    My family and I own and operate a Yamaha Powersports Dealership (no watercraft, just bikes, ATVs, and other stuff) However, the Yamaha corporate powersports and watercraft operate under the same roof. I just got confirmation from my Yamaha Parts and Service Rep that any of those listed Riva parts on the Yamaha website will not affect the warranty at all.

    Also, as for dealing with the manufacturers, Yamaha is hands down the best at standing behind the product. I deal with all of them, and its not even close. Some dealers get on their high horse and don't want to cover stuff, but truth is Yamaha pays us great for doing warranty claims. Its all about using a good reliable dealer.

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